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August 2022 Documentation Updates

  • Projects Updates Projects has been updated to remove information about geodatabases, which have been deprecated.
  • Third-Party Imagery Updates Information has been added about new third-party imagery providers, including how to download SAR.

March 2022 Documentation Updates

  • AComp Updates Information about AComp has been revised throughout the documentation using a more accurate definition.
  • ArcGIS Online Topic Enhancements The Connecting via ArcGIS Online topic has been expanded to include information about connecting with a no-auth Connect ID.
  • Developer Guide Updates

    • Minor updates for accuracy. Restructured and reorganized some sections for clarity and conciseness.

    • Common Query Language is now a stand-alone topic instead of appearing in multiple developer guides.

    • A revised Introduction document now includes the existing Open Geospatial Consortium document as well as the Basic Service elements and OGC Protocols sections previously found in multiple developer guides. The OGC protocols/basic service elements have been removed from each individual developer guide (e.g., WFS, WCS) to eliminate repetition of information.

  • Library Orders Update Updated information about character restrictions on library orders.

  • Shapefile Update Updated shapefile restrictions to include an upper limit on vertices.

  • Video Tutorials The following video tutorials are now available:
    • 3D Map
    • Downloading & Ordering Imagery, Part One: Online Catalog

    • Downloading & Ordering Imagery, Part Two: Archive Catalog

    • Downloading & Ordering Imagery, Part Three: Viewing Archive Imagery in the Online Catalog

    See Video Tutorials.

v. 2021.Q1.R1

New Features

Documentation Updates

  • Developer Guide Updates Minor updates for clarity and accuracy.

  • Video Tutorials An updated Rotating Imagery video tutorial is now available. See Video Tutorials.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where snapshots taken with RPM footprints included would return an empty RPM shapefile.

  • Resolved an issue with creating Alerts where selecting certain source filters would deselect the Source header checkbox.

  • Addressed an issue with tilesets where the users were able to order a tileset from zoom levels 13-19, which would cause an error. Users are now able to order tilesets with a maximum of five zoom levels (i.e., 14-19 or 13-18).

  • Resolved an issue where the application would make both HTTP and HTTPS requests when logging a user in.

  • Resolved an issue with degraded performance due to lack of browses at upper levels.

  • Resolved an issue with annotations where deleting a saved annotation set would not clear the magnifying glass or duplicates.

  • Resolved an issue where the Add Layers functionality was not compatible with ESRI-based WFS endpoints.

  • Resolved an issue with project material selection where the viewport only displayed images from the current page of imagery results.