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v. 2019.Q2.R1

New Features

Batch Imagery Order Enhancement

A batch ordering option has been added to the existing Advanced Search interface. This option allows users to use Advanced Search to select up to 50 archive images, and then place a batch order for the images they selected. The batch order can be delivered to the user’s library or to an Amazon S3 location.

See Working with Selected Images.

Read-Only Access to Vivid 2.0 Images

This option provides access to Vivid mosaics while restricting users’ ability to export Vivid mosaics. Additionally, users can view Vivid 2.0 tiles in the carousel without having to switch accounts.

Library & Download Enhancements

Several enhancements have been made to the library.

  • The Library now displays the total number of zip files/orders, along with a count of how many items are currently processing, how many are completed, and how many have failed.
  • A new Completed column shows the date and time that an order finished processing and was added to the Library.
  • Users can delete an order at any time, including orders that are queued or are stuck.
  • An Auto-Refresh List checkbox allows users to stop the Library from refreshing when new items are added to the queue. This is useful when many items are queued at once, because constant refreshing may cause users to lose their place while working.
  • Users can now use the Turbo download option to select multiple images for download at once. The Turbo download option uses the Aspera Connect Plugin to download imagery.

See Library.

User Guide Updates

  • The Imagery: Searching & Viewing section now appears before the Imagery: Saving & Ordering section.
  • The current release notes are now available on the Release Notes landing page. This limits the number of clicks necessary to access the current release notes.
  • Release notes for off-cycle releases (OCRs) have been added to the same page as the associated major release (e.g., 2019.Q1.R3.OCR-1 is located on the same page as 2019.Q1.R3).
  • There have been minor back-end changes to improve documentation performance and to support new page styles. These changes should not affect your experience. However, if you notice any unusual behavior, please clear your browser cache and reload the page.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where some downloaded mashups were missing tiles or had dropouts.
  • Resolved an issue where archive imagery saved as NITF 2.1 NCDRD did not have NCDRD data in the metadata.
  • Changed the “from” address for all system-generated emails to This includes but is not limited to:
    • Password reset confirmation codes
    • New user welcome email
    • Account suspension/unsuspension notice
    • Alerts
  • Resolved an issue in Advanced Search where adding a shapefile prevented you from downloading imagery.
  • Resolved an issue where new CAC users were being redirected to the homepage.