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v. 2020.Q2.R1

New Features

Third-Party Content

Added additional medium-resolution EO satellite imagery from other vendors to complement Maxar’s vast library of high-resolution imagery. This includes:

  • U.S. government licensed imagery products to use on-demand
  • Ability to access third-party content via approved G-EGD portals
  • Ability to view, search and discover, and download/snapshot streamed third-party orthorectified content via the G-EGD user interface

Projects Pagination

Pagination has been added to online and archive projects. Users can use pagination arrows to navigate through multiple pages of imagery, and can use a selection checkbox to select and deselect all of the imagery on the current page. For cell-based projects, users can select and navigate through the imagery that is available for each cell.

Documentation Updates

  • Administrator Manual Updates The Self-Service Administration manual has been updated to clarify the suspension/unsuspension process. Accounts are immediately suspended and unsuspended in the application without requiring additional approval.
  • Developer Documentation Styling Updates Code samples in the online developer documentation have been updated to use new styling. The updated code samples also include a one-click Copy button. These changes should not affect your experience. However, if you notice any unusual behavior, please clear your browser cache and reload the page.
  • Quick Reference Guide The Navigating the Viewport quick reference guide has been updated.
  • Video Tutorials Updated video tutorials are now available. See Video Tutorials.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where shapefiles could not be uploaded as layers.
  • Updated the contact number under the Technical Problems link and in the Send Feedback dialog so support requests will reach the correct support team.