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v. 2020.Q3.R2

Q3.R1 is included in the Q3.R2 codebase.

New Features

Documentation Updates

  • Search Improvements Enhancements have been made to the documentation search functionality.
  • Video Tutorials An updated Annotations video tutorial is now available. See Video Tutorials.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where users could not download Vivid imagery to the Library when image resolution was set to "full resolution." 
  • Resolved an issue where third-party imagery was not loading in magnifying glass insets, and could not be exported in a snapshot.
  • Resolved an issue where imagery was not ingesting.
  • Resolved an issue where third-party imagery was not being filtered out of the Carousel correctly.
  • Resolved an issue with Projects pagination where online images were not updated when a user moved between pages in Projects.
  • Resolved an issue where orders would fail during processing.
  • Resolved an issue where browse images were not generated for strips with TIFF tiles that were smaller than 16 meters wide or tall.
  • Resolved an issue where ingest timestamps were incorrectly recorded.